He is Lord Annamalai,
whose broad slopes are covered by wooded groves over which clouds laden with raindrops crawl,
where the fan-tailed peacock dwells with his mate, and whose forest floor is liberally strewn with pearls shed by the ripe bamboo.

Thiru Jnanasambandar,
6th Century

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The Forest Way is a Charitable Trust based in Thiruvannamalai,
in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India.

A group of people brought together by shared passions, our work is an expression of things that we hold dear, and are motivated to explore, to question and to bring into practical action. These core questions revolve around what we can do to restore wild lands, how we can live sustainably, how we grow our food, how our children learn, how we ourselves continue learning, and how we relate to both our fellow humans and all non human life.

These explorations have manifest in our work to restore the forests of the sacred Arunachala Hill, the creation and ongoing maintenance of parks for people and nature, and to the opening of a small holistic school surrounded by organic farmland. We also take environmental outreach work into local schools, and take local children out into nature. We are trying to learn to grow food according to nature's ways, and to build with as little impact on the land as possible. We are a work in progress.

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Trees on their heads, a human caravan sets off for the slopes of the hill. They may have to climb an hour to the planting site.

The front-line of fire prevention. Quick, hot, brush fires kill the saplings of young trees, interrupting the succession process.

A collage of drying seeds. We grow more than 100 species of native trees and shrubs in our nursery.

Threshing the rice, grown organically at our farm. The cows Gautami, Max and Charlie munch as they stomp.

Out on the hill, the Marudam kids take cover from a shower. Every week these children spend a half day exploring the nature on the slopes of Arunachala.

It�s a race up the climbing frame. All the equipment for the children�s park was hand crafted, making the place truly unique.